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Back on the East Coast in summer 2011 ― back from Ottawa, Canada, following a bachelor of information technology (IT) and degree in interactive multimedia and design (IMD) ― and at an augmented reality (AR) app studio where I was the technical director of animation and design; I worked with developers to optimize art for Unity 3D, with management to establish in-house graphic design by Spring of 2012, and with the Maya animation team that re-created characters for AR apps for Disney, Mattel, Mazda and more (in alphabetical order below), and it was crazy cool.

Years of play in design and catalogue of imagery build a unique perspective on light, silhouette and all visual tools that enforce line of action. This becomes your sense of design. Convey, create and design a vision of the life you want to live.

Studio software includes Adobe® Creative Cloud, Autodesk® Maya, Serif Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo; operated on Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional with NVIDIA Quadro® and Intel® Core processing; and, powered by 80 Plus® Gold electric energy.

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